List of papers accepted for presentation in ICLA 2009

  1. Rahul Bendre, Rohit Parikh and Andreas Witzel
    Some Afterthoughts on Knowledge Based Obligation

  2. Dietmar Berwanger and Sophie Pinchinat
    Game Quantification Patterns

  3. Arindam Chakrabarti
    On absence of omnipresent properties and impossible sky-flowers: Heterologous Absences in a Logical Ontology

  4. Aiswarya Cyriac and K. Murali Krishnan
    Lower Bound for the Communication Complexity of the Russian Cards Problem

  5. Soma Dutta
    Graded Consequence Relation and its Level-Cuts

  6. Emmanuel Genot
    Extensive Question, From Research Agendas to Interrogative Strategies

  7. Patrick Girard and Jeremy Seligman
    An analytic logic of aggregation

  8. Walid Gomaa
    Expressibility in Σ11

  9. Benny Kenkireth and Samrith Ram
    Towards decidability of conjugacy of pairs and triples

  10. M. A. Khan and Mohua Banerjee
    A Study of a Logic for Multiple-source Approximation Systems

  11. Yurii Khomskii
    A General Setting for the Pointwise Investigation of Determinacy

  12. Juergen Landes, Jeff Paris and Alena Vencovska
    Instantial Relevance in Polyadic Inductive Logic

  13. Alain Lecomte and Myriam Quatrini
    Ludics and its Applications to Natural Language Semantics

  14. Mahalakshmi G.S.
    Gautama – Ontology editor based on Nyaya Logic

  15. Mahalakshmi G.S. and Geetha T.V.
    Formal Definitions Of Reason Fallacies To Aid Defect Exploration In Argument Gaming

  16. Mani A.
    Meaning, choice and algebraic semantics of similarity-based rough set theory

  17. Gorisse Marie-Hélène
    The art of non-asserting: dialogue with Nagarjuna

  18. Yoshihiro Maruyama
    Algebraic Study of Lattice-Valued Logic and Lattice-Valued Modal Logic

  19. Manidipa Sanyal
    The fabric of commands

  20. Prabal K. Sen
    Interpretation of prohibitary statements: some Indian views

  21. Igor Stéphan and Benoit Da Mota
    A unified framework for Certificate and Compilation for QBF

  22. Yi Wang
    A Two-Dimensional Hybrid Logic of Subset Spaces