Workshop on Logic and Social Interaction
January 7–8, 2009

There is now a growing body of research on formal algorithmic models of social procedures and interactions between rational agents. These models attempt to identify logical elements within our day-to-day social activities.

Largely using the language of logic and game theory, these studies have led to new insights into the dynamics of observation, updating of knowledge and belief, preference change, dialogues and processes of strategic interaction. Central to many of these studies is a multi-agent perspective on rational agency that situates inference in an interactive context.

This workshop focuses on current advances made towards modelling such complex interactive situations, and comprises of talks given by some renowned experts in this area. It also features shorter presentations of on-going research in these topics, providing opportunities for learning about interaction through interaction.


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7 January 2009
8:00 Registration
Invited Talks
CHAIR: R Ramanujam
9:00 Johan van Benthem
The logic of intelligent interaction (Invited Talk)
Abstract Handout
10:00 Rohit Parikh
The logic of campaigning (Invited Talk)
Abstract Slides
11:00 Coffee
Invited Talk
CHAIR: Sujata Ghosh
11:30 Francesca Rossi
Multi-agent preference reasoning: aggregation, elicitation, and manipulation (Invited Talk)
Abstract Slides
12:30 Lunch
CHAIR: S P Suresh
14:00 Dietmar Berwanger
Game dynamics in extensive form
Abstract Slides
14:30 Sunil Simon
Strategic reasoning in compositional games
Abstract Slides
15:00 Soumya Paul
Specification of dynamic strategy switching
Abstract Slides
15:30 Coffee
Invited Talk
CHAIR: K Narayan Kumar
16:00 Alexandru Baltag
Talking Your Way into Agreement: “preference merge” as “group belief revision” by communication (Invited Talk)
Abstract Slides
8 January 2009
Invited Talks
CHAIR: Benedikt Löwe
9:00 Jan van Eijck
The language of social software (Invited Talk)
Abstract Slides
10:00 Rineke Verbrugge
Higher-order theory of mind, from the logical point of view (Invited Talk)
Abstract Slides
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Peter van Ormondt
Towards a formalization of Lewis' context-dependent notion of knowledge in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Abstract Slides
12:00 Lopamudra Choudhury & Mihir K Chakraborty
The link between mental representation and diagram
Abstract Slides
12:30 Lunch
CHAIR: Sunil Simon
14:00 Fernando R Velazquez-Quesada
Inference over knowledge and beliefs in a modal framework
Abstract Slides
14:30 Open discussion
15:00 Coffee

Click here for a gzipped archive of all the conference and workshop talks.

Some reference material

While the workshop will not have Proceedings, there is a plan to publish selected papers based on workshop presentations in a special journal issue. (Details on this will be announced later.)

Co-ordinated by Sujata Ghosh (ISI Kolkata), Eric Pacuit (Stanford), and R Ramanujam (IMSc).