Conference on Mathematical Logic and Set Theory
August 15–17, 2010
Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, India

In the successful tradition of logic satellite meetings at recent ICMs, we shall hold a satellite conference on mathematical logic and set theory in India to provide a specialized venue for logicians and set theorists connected with ICM 2010 in Hyderabad. The conference will be co-hosted by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Chennai Mathematical Institute on behalf of the Association for Logic in India. The scope of the intended meeting is all of mathematical logic, including its areas of application (theoretical computer science, algebraic logic and others).

We plan to have a full programme on 15 August and 17 August including a conference dinner after the conference. On 16 August, we'll have a half-day programme plus an organized excursion.

We acknowledge the support of our sponsors: the International Congress of Mathematicians 2010, the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, the network INFTY: New frontiers of infinity: mathematical, philosophical, and computational prospects, the Deutsche Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung der Exakten Wissenschaften (DVMLG), and the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL).

The meeting is organized jointly by Benedikt Löwe (ILLC, Amsterdam) and R. Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai). Local arrangements are handled by S.P. Suresh (CMI, Chennai).

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    June 15, 2010
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    August 15–17, 2010
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